internet marketing The Big Sis Diaries: December 2006

Saturday, December 30, 2006

We've hit the two-month mark...we're getting really close!!

First of all, let me just say that I hope everyone had a very nice, relaxing (or wild and crazy and fun) Christmas, depending on your definition of "nice." Ours was very pleasant, despite a few setbacks involving major flight delays and my grandmother's health. Everything was fine though, and though it was a relatively short trip, it was nice seeing family and meeting up with friends we hadn't seen in a long time. It's true that it was quite cold and dark, especially in Iceland where there is about four or five hours of daylight, but the atmosphere was very cozy and holiday-oriented. I treasure being able to experience Christmas in two very different cultures, and I think it's very important that people become- and stay- connected to their heritages. I sincerely hope that LG will be involved in his adopted American and Norwegian cultures, like I am, as well as stay in touch with his Ethiopian background.

Speaking of LG, we have now reached the two-month mark for waiting for his referral. I'm beginning to get very excited...there were a BARRAGE of referrals at my agency leading up to Christmas (there were 15 referrals on the CHSFS forum in two or three days- seriously) making us next in line for a child in the age and gender categories we requested. To put when exactly I think we'll get The Call in a time bracket, I'd be surprised if we didn't receive our referral by the beginning of February. Here's to a very merry and exciting 2007!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

We're Off!

Tomorrow my family leaves for Norway to spend Christmas with our extended family. I hope that everyone has a very merry holiday, and I will write more when we return on the 29th!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Funny/cute pic of the week

Carsten in Wonderland (aka Norway)...he got so big that Kristian could easily fit in the palm of his hand!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

The "Red" Campaign on Oprah

Click here: to see the preview of the "Paint the Town 'Red'" special, which Oprah will be re-airing on Monday at 4.

Also, I found yet another video on YouTube about Ethiopia. It's a slide show of a woman's journey to Mekelle and Addis Ababa:

Just in case you didn't have enough to keep you busy with all the upcoming-holiday chaos.

Have a good weekend!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Not-really-funny-or-cute pic of the week

As I have mentioned, all of my extended family on my dad's side lives in Norway. We visit them once or twice a year- every summer annually, and for Christmas every other year. However, we broke the pattern by skipping two years, making it three years since we were last in Norway for Christmas. So of course we're going this year (we leave Dec. 20th.)

We always stop in Reykjavik, Iceland, on the way for a few days to diminish the jetlag. This is especially necessary when we go for Christmas since we don't stay in Norway as long as in the summer, and since there is so much going on surrounding the holiday. People think it's crazy that we go to Iceland in the winter (though it's not nearly as cold as many people believe given the name) but I love it- since there are no tourists at Christmastime, and since everything is decorated with lights and snow and students singing Christmas carols, it makes it very cozy. The picture, taken in December 2003, shows one of the streets we meandered on before heading off to Norway for Christmas.

On another happy note, we went to Rhode Island yesterday, where we met some family friends from Massachusetts to tour the famous Newport mansions. This family happens to read this blog, so they knew all about the drive I'm going to be holding- and generously donated four pairs of brand-new children's pajamas to start my collection! Thank you, C family!

Friday, December 08, 2006

1,000 viewings

I am pleased to announce that this morning, I reached 1,000 viewings for my blog (since October 20th when I added the sitemeter.) Thank you to all of you who visit- I really appreciate the support!

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Operation Smile is in Ethiopia!

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Operation Smile, but it is a non-profit organization that funds the surgeries of children in poor countries with cleft lips/palates. There is a chapter at my high school that I belong to, and it pretty much consists of having a few meetings a year to discuss how we can raise money/awareness and holding bake sale-type fundraisers. However, as I learned recently, Operation Smile can elect two high school students per mission, and to my surprise and delight, I just discovered that a fellow classmate of mine is in Ethiopia right now for that very purpose! (Maybe some of you that are in Ethiopia/went there recently to pick up children crossed paths with her?) She went to Addis as well as another town. Though I don't know her all that well, girls in track the other day were talking about her. One said she talked to her on the phone and that Emily (the girl on the mission) had said, "Being here makes me really grateful for what I have." I hope that everyone someday can realize that and will want to help others in need. That's why, as I've briefly mentioned before, I'm starting an organization at my school called, "The Sweet Dreams Project" to help children at the AHOPE orphanage in Addis.

I've started a blog for my project, and though it's not much now, I hope it will keep everyone informed on what will be going on etc. It's

Everyone can make a difference!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Funny/cute pic of the week

Again, a little behind on my posts. I'll try my best to update reglarly but it's been hard since track started. Here is this week's funny/cute pic:

Here's something you would only see at a boy's ninth birthday party: four small Darth Vaders and a large western general, all about to go buy cigars for 5 cents. Never mind, I take that back- you would only see that at my brother's birthday party.

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