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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Not-really-funny-or-cute pic of the week

As I have mentioned, all of my extended family on my dad's side lives in Norway. We visit them once or twice a year- every summer annually, and for Christmas every other year. However, we broke the pattern by skipping two years, making it three years since we were last in Norway for Christmas. So of course we're going this year (we leave Dec. 20th.)

We always stop in Reykjavik, Iceland, on the way for a few days to diminish the jetlag. This is especially necessary when we go for Christmas since we don't stay in Norway as long as in the summer, and since there is so much going on surrounding the holiday. People think it's crazy that we go to Iceland in the winter (though it's not nearly as cold as many people believe given the name) but I love it- since there are no tourists at Christmastime, and since everything is decorated with lights and snow and students singing Christmas carols, it makes it very cozy. The picture, taken in December 2003, shows one of the streets we meandered on before heading off to Norway for Christmas.

On another happy note, we went to Rhode Island yesterday, where we met some family friends from Massachusetts to tour the famous Newport mansions. This family happens to read this blog, so they knew all about the drive I'm going to be holding- and generously donated four pairs of brand-new children's pajamas to start my collection! Thank you, C family!


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