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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Questions, Comments, Compliments and Complaints

I just wanted to thank everyone for commenting! For whoever came up with the idea of leaving 1000 comments at Owlhaven, it was a very entertaining one. I admit that I'm a little jealous of the 1800 comments (currently) there, but am pleased to announce that I've set a new comment record on this blog (9!). But please, feel free to leave 1000 comments here any time!

I've heard, though, that some people are having trouble commenting here. Obviously those people can't respond to this, but I wanted to say I'm sorry and I'm trying to fix it. I don't know what's wrong. Has anyone else with blogs through Blogger had people tell them they had trouble commenting? I enabled my blog to let anyone post, not just members.

Oh, and by the way- this is really my 50th post :-).


At 11:11 PM , Blogger Chinamama4 said...

Susanna, Thanks for dropping by my blog! I look forward to learning more about you and your family! PS - Happy Friday, tomorrow! :)

At 5:22 PM , Anonymous Brian (no longer blogless) said...

That was actually me that started the comment-a-thon. See:

I think you're mistaken thinking that you'll get a boy because your family has requested either sex. Because of WHFC's strick rules about who can pick (only for gender balancing), the wait for girls is often only 1 or 2 people longer than the wait for boys/either. And it's common for 5-8 babies to come into HH at one time, so there's a good chance you'll end up with a sister (although probably a little less than 50%).

Thanks for stoping by my blog.

At 6:04 PM , Anonymous Brian (types to fast sometimes too) said...

And she is at 1080 comments not 1800.

At 9:12 PM , Blogger Susy Q said...

I know I realized it was 1080 after after I wrote 1800. Sorry!

And we're using CHSFS, not WHFC. We could have requested a girl but didn't, that's why we think we'll get a boy.

At 12:32 PM , Blogger momteacherfriend said...

Hey Susy,
Thanks for the visit.
We live in Mid-MIchigan.
Have a blessed day!

At 12:45 PM , Blogger momteacherfriend said...

By the way, the text for your post is so tiny I can barely read it.

At 9:23 PM , Anonymous Katie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
We are adopting an infant (0-12mo) and are open to gender and twins!! (this will be the 1st child(ren) for us)


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