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Thursday, September 28, 2006


Thought it might be time for a weekly update, so here's the run-down of life in my family:

Kristian is doing fall ball, a casual baseball program which consists of about two games a week. He's also doing cello and his school orchestra, and will be starting fencing soon. The only thing Carsten is currently doing is soccer, which is one practice and one game a week, but he'll start floor hockey soon. I am in the marching band, which is pretty time-consuming, as well as three clubs including International Club. I am also doing a flute ensemble which has rehearsals once a week. Soon I'll start tennis lessons so that I can try out for the team in the spring, and I'll do winter track when the season starts after Thanksgiving. Don't ask me how I'll have time for all this- I haven't worked it out yet! All of this is aside from baby-sitting, which I do pretty frequently. I do love it though- the kids in the families I sit for are always angelic with me. I really hope my little sibling won't be a handful (or an armful?) when he/she arrives. Nevertheless I know I'll love helping out, as much work as I know it will be.

Oh, and of course I have to make time to watch the new seasons of all the shows I love! I'll admit it- I love America's Next Top Model.


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