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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Daily Drama

If you're looking for some humor in your day, I have a funny story to tell (though of course we didn't exactly burst out laughing at the time.)

We have family friends visiting from Massachusetts for the weekend- two adults and their two kids, a boy and a girl around the boys' ages. It had been raining off and on the day they came, and we were in the middle of a particularly big downpour when we went out to dinner. Well, halfway through, the power went out in the restaurant, but luckily we had our food by that time, and the place emptied considerably so it was actually kind of nice.

When we got home, though, the power was out in our house. We couldn't get in through the garage and no one had a key, so we were locked out in the rain. My dad ended up breaking off the screen of a window, climbing in and opening the door for us. As if that little story wasn't bad enough, our street was the only one in town without power until about a half hour ago- meaning that we didn't have power for nearly 24 hours. Living without electricity for a full day is harder than it seems! I must have instictively flipped light switches about 20 times, and cooking and warm showers were luxuries we all sorely missed. The worst, for my parents anyway, was not being able to have coffee- my dad had to run out and get some the second he woke up.

How do those Ethiopians live????


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