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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Our SW called us on Monday with the most amazing news: contrary to what they thought, it turns out that we did make it through court last week! Our baby is officially OURS!!!!

But do you know what THE most amazing news is?

We're traveling...

(Drum roll here please)...

WITH THE JUNE 22nd GROUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It turns out the agency pulled some strings to get people there earlier! The timing couldn't be better, since we leave 5 days after school's out (flights aren't booked yet, but it looks like we'll leave the 20th) but that's still just TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!! I could not be more thrilled!!!!!!

The problem now will be focusing on studying for final exams next week. I keep thinking that the baby should rightfully be my biggest concern right now, but of course, that reasoning is illogical since bad grades will come back to haunt me. I think I can do it though. Only nine days till school is over, and then I can think about the baby, and our trip, as much as I want!!!!

Oh, and now that LG is ours (I still can't believe that!) I can post her referral pictures now! Stand by for one incredibly adorable little girl!!!!


At 4:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


I couldn't be happier for you.

Happy packing!

At 5:08 PM , Blogger DeAnna said...

This is wonderful news. I'm so excited for you!!! Can't wait to see the picture. :)

At 5:12 PM , Blogger Mark and Sarah said...

Congrats!!! It's about time! I've been waiting for your "good news" post for weeks! Let's see her pretty little face!!

p.s. Good luck with the studying!

At 5:18 PM , Blogger Mama Papaya said...

WOO HOO! Congratulations!!!

Refreshing frequently for a picture...

At 6:12 PM , Blogger Scarlett_333 said...

YAY!!! I have been looking foward to this post for awhile, so I can't imagine how anxious you have been! Thanks for the comment about the new layout- I love it too! And I honestly can't think of one question I would want to know... I want to know EVERYTHING! Would you mind emailing some pics when you get back? Or I guess you will post them on here, right? I definitely want to take a look. Can't wait to see LG's pic... looking forward to it. OO ya... what name did you decide on???!!

At 10:36 AM , Blogger Heather said...

Congrats Susanna! I knew everything would work out. I am very excited for you. The next two weeks will fly by. I hope you have a great trip and enjoy meeting your new sister.



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