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Friday, May 18, 2007

No News is Good News?

Who came up with that saying???? The fact that we still don't have our travel date is certainly not good news!!!!

That's right- still nothing. My mom e-mailed our SW at the agency today who said that no one went through court this week (which actually isn't true, since one person on our agency's forum got a travel date yesterday) and that they were seeing a pattern of cases going through court eight weeks after referral. We're eight weeks exactly today. I don't think this would be so frustrating if it wasn't for that we have had so many troubles so far- spending weeks trying to decide whether or not to keep our first referral and then turning it down; switching agencies, etc. In a few weeks, it will be two years exactly since we sent in our application. Of course, that includes our move, which certainly slowed down the homestudy process- but still. After two years of dreaming for my sister, maybe you can see why I think we need to get her home SOON! Our SW said she would look into details on Monday or Tuesday for us to see exactly how the court cases are going along. I guess the fact that only one person got through court this week probably means that our case wasn't even tried, which I guess is good, because it means that it wasn't rejected a second time (I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but I'm trying desperately to be optimistic!)

In any case, I think I've done a pretty good job distracting myself. The house is VERY empty since my dad took the boys to Norway on Wednesday for my grandpa's 8oth birthday party on Saturday (I would have gone, but when I opted not to, it was when I thought I would be missing over a week of school for Ethiopia. Looks like that won't be the case NOW...) That leaves just me, my mom, and the cats. I never knew how quiet it could be without two boys in the house. For once, I miss the constant sounds of GameBoy noises, shouting, laughter, and my mom's voice yelling at one or both of the boys to take off their muddy shoes before tearing around the house that make up the background music of my life at home. Hopefully a little girl's voice will be added into the mix very soon????


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