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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

College Visits (yes, Sasha's already pushing for the Ivies!)

As a junior, I have been subjected to the stresses and thrills of college searching. It was Sasha, though, who seemed to feel most at home at the Columbia campus. (I was really looking at Barnard, but we strolled through the surrounding areas to get a "feel"- which I loved!)

I was pretty excited to see this flyer posted around Barnard; it's advertising a campus showing of a movie that clearly highlights Ethiopia. Also on campus the day we visited was a festival for children adopted from China. All of these cultural events that hit close to my home certainly drew me toward the atmosphere of the school- I know I'd be happy learning more about the aspects of my life that are most important to me. Now, if only I could get in- their acceptance rate is a little intimidating...

Recognize this? It's the diner always featured in "Seinfeld" :)

Friday, May 09, 2008

100 MORE Things About Me In Honor of my 200th Post

Since this is my 200th post (and an embarassingly delayed one at that) I have compiled 100 more things about me to bring the number of "things" up to 200 (you can see my first 100 "things" here and here.) Of course, it's really difficult to think of 200 things about yourself, so these certainly won't be as interesting as the last- but by the time you're through reading this, you'll know as much about myself as I do!

101. I have seen every single episode of Friends (multiple times)

102. I can only tie my shoes the little kid way, by making two "bunny ears" and tying them together in a knot. I never learned how to do the more common, wrap-one-lace-around-one-loop way.

103. In Italy, many people drink grenata (a type of iced coffee) and brioche every morning; I tried both in Sicily when I was six, but the grenata I tried was strawberry-flavored

104. I refused to wear pants- ever- until I was seven years old. Up until that time, I insisted on wearing only skirts and dresses.

105. I've always imagined I would marry someone from a foreign country. I guess it remains to be seen if that will happen!

106. I have been playing the flute for seven years

107. I have saved every single magazine I've ever bought or subscribed to since I was seven

108. My backpack was stolen on a trip to Jamaica when I was seven

109. I choose Coke products over those made by Pepsi

110. All of my friends call me Susy, but I prefer my teachers and most other adults to call me Susanna. Somehow, it sounds awkward and unprofessional to me if an adult who I want to take me seriously calls me Susy.

111. My mom has promised on two different occasions during my life to take me to a Broadway play (once when I wasn't able to go on a Girl Scout trip to see one and once when I traded in a birthday party to see a show with her) so now she owes me two. I'm dying to see Wicked- if we ever manage to get around to it!

112. I'm probably one of few Americans who is not fixated by American Idol. For some reason, I'm a little uncomfortable watching other people sing; even if they're good, I feel almost embarassed for them.

113. I don't like olives

114. I've had my hair braided African-style a handful of times, but Sasha never has. It's a struggle to get her to sit still long enough to de-tangle her hair after a bath!

115. I have lived in six different homes in my life

116. Skydiving is NOT on my list of things to do before I die

117. We went to the famous Serendipity cafe in New York City, and were all sorely dissapointed. We had to leave and eat at a street-corner pizza place :)

118. I have two good friends in Norway who I correspond with regularly

119. In Ethiopia, given my oh-so-pleasant sickness (for new readers, all of us were sick in Ethiopia since my dad convinced us it was fine to drink the water in Dubai on the way over...needless to say, it was not fine) I ended up losing a few pounds in the week we were there. The only thing I remember tolerating was the banana bread at the Hilton (which I recommend, by the way, if any of you happen to go there.) The amazing food at our Dubai hotel on the way home, though, made me gain the weight right back :)

120. I have started a tradition of buying a piece of jewlery whenever I travel to a foreign country

121. I've only been ice-skating maybe four times

122. My ears are double-pierced; I got the first set done when I was 8, and the second set when I turned 14

123. I saw Marie Antoinette's room at the Schonbrunn palace in Vienna

124. Carsten calls me "Susan" just to irritate me
125. I love banana boats. My brothers, dad and I went on one in Dubai (it was Carsten's first time) and on one huge turn, we were sent flying into the scaldingly-hot salty water. It wasn't the most pleasant experience, but it certainly was a memorable one!

126. My feet are usually a size 5 or 5 1/2- 6 on rare occasions. That means I'm in the lovely position of being able to buy both kids' (for the price) and women's (for the styles) shoes

127. I have been to 21 US states

128. I have four cousins in Michigan who I haven't seen since I was five, but interestingly, I see my two cousins in Norway once or twice a year

129. I've never shared a room with anyone, so splitting a dorm in college will be, admittedly, pretty difficult for me

130. I used to be a Girl Scout

131. I have never eaten at a Taco Bell

132. I looooove Cadbury Creme Eggs; I ask for one every year at Easter :)

133. I went to a Britney Spears concert when I was ten

134. At age two, I got to see the queen leaving Buckingham Palace in London

135. I've never been to Disney World

136. I have never broken a bone

137. I'm terrible at most sports, except for maybe track (how difficult is it to run?) and skiing

138. I took the SATs this past Saturday, and an AP exam Monday...just completing both of them makes me feel so accomplished!

139. I have a strong tendency to burn rather than tan during the summer, so I over-apply sunscreen and use bronzing lotion instead

140. I tentatively plan to spend next summer improving my Norwegian (mostly the reading writing component, since I speak the language fluently) at the University of Oslo

141. I drink herbal tea most days, even in the summer

142. Although my brothers love Star Wars, I couldn't even stand to sit through the first movie

143. Lord of the Rings also couldn't hold my attention; needless to say, I'm not big on science fiction/fantasy

144. I decided to get bangs a few months ago, and it was one of the best hair decisions I've ever made

145. My favorite class in school this year is the one I thought I would like the least (aside from math, of course!)

146. I'm always cold. Unless it's 80 degrees, you'll probably find me wearing a cardigan, or at least long sleeves.

147. Having missed the first few seasons, we decided to rent Lost on DVD to watch as a family so we could catch up. My addiction has been terrible since then: not one to get too wrapped up in shows, I find myself looking forward to Friday nights days in advance, when we all have the time to sit down and watch a few episodes. The rest of my family is equally enthralled, and even Sasha has taken an interest. Please take this as a friendly warning: anyone who doesn't watch Lost is missing something vital from his/her life.

148. My parents told me that when I was three, I told a cab driver, out of the blue, "I'm from Africa. I'm an African girl." Maybe I knew more about my future than I understood even then...

149. Headbands are fashion staples for me

150. I am near-sighted, but didn't realize how truly blind I was until I got my glasses (which I still only wear when necessary)

151. I have ridden on ostriches, camels and naturally, horses, but I have yet to ride on an elephant. I will someday though!

152. Paul Dano, star of Little Miss Sunshine and the recent There Will Be Blood, graduated from my high school six years ago (my English teacher had him as a student). He has a small band, and I saw him perform last summer at the local library.

153. When I was eight, I went on a Caribbean cruise with both sets of grandparents, as well as my aunt, uncle and cousin on my dad's side. It was a fun way for everyone to meet and a lot of memories were made, although my mom still resents that the trip messed up Carsten's (then an infant) sleep schedule.

154. I hate coffee

155. I have the blondest hair in my immediate family

156. I attended a show at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna; the horses performed the same show aired every year on New Year's Day on PBS

157. I saw Harry Conick Jr with his daughter in a neighboring town a few weeks ago. John Travolta, Robin Williams, Sean Penn, and Robert DeNiro have also been spotted in our own town within the past year (our proximity to NYC means many movie shootings in our area.)

158. Speaking of celebrities, Sasha literally bumped into The Sopranos star Joe Pantaliano in a coffee shop recently, causing him to look down in surprise. At this rate, she might be noticed for a TV/movie roll in the near future!

159. Speaking of child stars, Carsten's best friend from school will be starring in an upcoming movie as Marisa Tomei's son; the movie also stars Mickey Rourke and Evan Rachel Wood. I personally find this really exciting; I beg Carsten to have him over just so I can bombard him with questions about it!

160. I never sleep late, even on weekends- waking up past 8 is rare!

161. I have only ever attended three weddings and one funeral

162. I hate rollercoasters

163. I visited Out of Africa author Karen Blixen's home in Nairobi, Kenya

164. I also visited the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam

165. I'm a naturally slow driver; when I was practicing driving with my dad on the road a few weeks ago, I had to actually pull over to let the car behind me pass. If I can get over my fear of up-to-speed driving, I hope to get my license this summer!

166. When I was younger, I decided that my first car would be a white Volkswagon bug that I'd splatter-paint myself. Now I just want something small, simple, affordable, and above all, safe!

167. I get really tense before going to the dentist

168. I like the smell of gasoline, even though I know it's unhealthy to inhale it

169. I long- and vow!- to go to Paris, Thailand, Egypt, India, Singapore, Uganda, and South Africa in my lifetime

170. I have been asked to co-host a website for "tweens" affected by adoption; more on this later!

171. I really like British singer Lily Allen's music

172. I love fruit, and eat a ton of it daily. Better that than candy, I guess!

173. One of my favorite actresses is Natalie Portman

174. I have never been stung by a bee

175. I realized a weird sequence in terms of birthdays in my family: our cats were born on the 1st of a month, Kristian on the 2nd of a different month, Carsten on the 4th of another month, me on the 8th of a month, and Sasha on the 16th of a month. In other words, the date doubled gives you the date of the next person's birthday (yes, I admit that math has been ingrained a little too deeply into my brain- and it's my least favorite subject!)

176. My dad has ONLY Norwegian blood- no one in his family, up until now, has married anyone other than a Norwegian.

177. My mother, conversely, is about as American as you can get (aside from those of Native American ancestry.) Her great-great-great (x10)-grandfather settled in Rhode Island a few years after the Mayflower docked in Plymouth, so even though she has Irish and English blood, she can pretty much be considered American since her roots are in this country for pretty much as long as it's been settled (by Europeans, of course.)

178. I have decided I would only ever consider getting a dog when I'm older if it's small, almost completely silent, and doesn't jump

179. When indulging in unhealthy food, I always go for the sweet over the salty. Both Sasha and my dad, however, would much rather have chips over cake.

180. I love accents in general, but British and African ones in particular

181. I run between 2.5 and 5 miles a day, time permitting, just for exercise- although running on our basement's treadmill, in front of a TV, makes it so much better! (I'm honestly less motivated to run when there's nothing interesting on.)

182. I just returned from 48 hours in Boston for our school's music trip. I've probably never laughed so hard in a short time span in my life.

183. A hedgehog has decided to make his home in our backyard

184. My cell phone, digital camera, and iPod are all pink :)

185. The walls of my room are painted two different shades of pink (see a trend?)

186. Both of my brothers called me "Dada" when they were babies before graduating to calling me "Sana", but I called myself "Nana" and Sasha (who was a little older before she started to call me anything) calls me "Su-nana"

187. I have only been to Florida for 24 hours

188. I'm taking a semester of African Studies in school next year and I'm already looking forward to it!

189. I have held a job at my local YMCA since September; I babysit kids whose parents are at the gym or pool, and I sometimes work at pre-school birthday parties. This summer, I'll be working for several weeks as a camp counselor there.

190. I don't like anything coconut-flavored

191. I've kicked around the idea of dying my hair jet-black, with bleached-blonde layers on top, after high school, just for the sake of doing something different and unexpected of me. We'll see in the next eighteen months if I dare to go through with it!

192. Although we own both a Wii game system and Guitar Hero, I have never played either one. I have absolutely no interest in video games, except for The Sims, which I occasionally play on the computer.

193. I would love to become a better cook. I've tried out a few recipes on my family, and so far, no one has been poisoned, so I take that as an encouraging sign!

194. I have only read the first four Harry Potter books

195. I don't like sushi

196. I list Run's House and The Soup among my weekend guilty-pleasure TV watching

197. I'll be writing my college essay about visiting AHOPE and how the experience affected me

198. Speaking of college, I refuse to look at schools farther than a few states away; I want to be close enough to Sasha that I can visit home every few months

199. I am also only looking at small liberal arts schools in village settings (with the exception of Barnard, which I adored and would give anything to get into, even though it will probably be a stretch for me!) I prefer closer-knit environments, since that's what I'm used to. I would, however, like a place with more diversity than where I live now.

200. It took me several days to compile this list, which is (part of) the reason why it's been so long since I've last posted. It's really difficult to search your brain for 200 things about yourself- try it sometime!

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