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Sunday, March 04, 2007

100 Things About Me Part 2

This is my 100th post, so you know what that means...the second half of my 100 fabulously interesting, unknown-to-the-public-until-now things about me!!

51. I only wear high-heeled or platform shoes; I don't want to come to terms with the fact that I'm so small!
52. My great-great-great uncle on my mom's side is Clarence Darrow (the prosecution lawyer from the Scopes Monkey trial; they based Henry Drummond on him in the book and movie "Inherit the Wind")
53. My grandmother on my dad's side's house was taken over by Nazis in World War II. They got it back some years later, and although everything was broken and in disarray, my grandparents still live there today- my dad and aunt were raised in that house and it's where we stay when we go to Norway. Interestingly, the basement portion used to be a midwife hospital run by my great-grandmother- the rooms are small and square and there are many of them, and "my room" still has the number 6 on it.
54. When I was little, I had the funny habit of making up a new name for myself every day and forcing everyone to call me by that name; I got mad if people refused to do it. They were elaborately girly names like Clarabella or Annalina. One day, in pre-school, I couldn't come up with a name so I took the name of my pre-school, Palfrey, and added an "ina", thus naming myself, for the day, the gorgeous name of Palfrina.
55. I've never had a single best friend for more than a year. I'm not the "best friend" type; I love having just a lot of good friends.
56. In pre-school, I had a friend who thought my name was literally OhSusanna (as in the song)
57. I'm a nail-biter- I know, I know, not a good habit! I have the temporary cure of getting manicures, but once the nail polish rubs off, I'm back to biting
58. The four kids in my family (counting the new one coming) were born in three different continents; I was born in Norway, Kristian and Carsten were born in the U.S., and the youngest, of course, was born in Ethiopia
59. I have blue eyes
60. I saw Al Gore in Savannah, GA when he was running for president. I was nine and the only kid in the crowd, and Tipper Gore waved at me!
61. I cook/bake things when I'm bored
62. My parents considered naming me: Anna, Julia, and Madeline
63. My favorite board game is Life
64. I was mentioned in the Boston Globe when my dad took me to a Women's World Cup soccer game when I was seven. However, they spelled my last name wrong and something I said they quoted my dad as saying! Just shows how the media can skew things...
65. Other than Kenya (which was, so far and by far, the most amazing experience ever- I challenge Ethiopia to top it. Okay, it probably will) some other top destinations I've visited are Prague and Amsterdam
66. I have a weird habit of, when I go to other countries, instead of learning common phrases like hello, thank you, etc., picking up really odd ones. For example, I can say "Step inside please" in German, "pickpocket" (which I probably picked up since it sounds funny- zakenroller) and "store" (that's funny too- winkle) in Dutch, and of course, "I've been robbed" in Swahili. Wonder what I'll learn in Amharic????
67. My friends call me Susy (but I don't like it when adults, other than my parents, call me this- don't ask me why)
68. I love, love, love the city- New York City is only about an hour's drive away from us, and if I could, I'd go there every weekend (mark my words, I'm going to live there someday!)
69. I have very poor blood circulation in my fingers and toes. My hands and feet are always freezing.
70. My fingers and toes are, however, very long. Don't ask me how- they're the only "long" parts of my body (as I've mentioned before, I'm very petite!)
71. I cannot believe I've never gone to a Broadway play, given that we live so close and I love musicals. However, my mom owes me, since I chose to go see one with her in lieu of a birthday party last year. I'd love to see "Wicked"," Hairspray", or "The Color Purple".
72. I've had braces for four years. It was only supposed to be two. They promised I'd get them off later this year, but at this rate, I don't know if I believe them.
73. I fed a giraffe in Kenya, and its tongue was blue and very rough. At first I was doing it wrong and it licked my whole arm- not the most lovely experience!
74. I particularly like pudding; it's pretty much the only sweet thing I don't like
75. I'm obsessed with the show "Friends." So is one of my best friends. Once, we jointly threw a "Friends" party, where we watched several episodes and played a "Friends" trivia game
76. I can't wink, whistle, or snap my fingers
77. I run on the treadmill almost every night; I like to run, but I hate races
78. In the chocolate vs. vanilla debate, I choose vanilla hands down
79. I once swallowed a loose tooth. I also almost threw one away because I thought it was a nut (I was eating ice cream with nuts) and lost one when I got hit in the mouth with a ball playing four-square
80. I'm a citizen of both Norway and the U.S., which I think is cool, but my younger sibling will probably be a citizen of THREE countries- Norway, the U.S., and Ethiopia! Talk about being worldly!
81. I have really weird patterns. Really, they're weird. For example, I wear jeans every other day and in the in-between days I wear other pants like corduroys or khakis. Also, when I'm measuring out food servings, like pretzels or pieces of fruit, it has to be a multiple of four, like four, eight, or twelve. I don't know why I do this, but in ways they're beneficial, because it keeps me from leaving a pair of pants hanging unworn in my closet or from overeating.
82. My least favorite, and worst, class in school is math (word of advice for pre-high school readers: never, ever take honors algebra- unless you're prepared to be confused out of your mind or, of course, you're a math prodigy)
83. Proof of my extreme disgust for math: I'm doing this instead of studying for my algebra test tomorrow (okay, I'm only kind of kidding)
84. I'm very into memoirs- one of my favorites is "The Color of Water" (go read it!)
85. I also love biography-type movies ("Walk the Line", "Dreamgirls", "Marie Antoinette")
86. I've been e-mailing back and forth with Melissa Fay Greene- my English teacher thinks it's so cool that I'm corresponding with a famous author!
87. I love going to the movies; I'd go every weekend if I could
88. I'm going through a John Hughes movie phase- I love "Ferris Beuller's Day Off" and "The Breakfast Club"!
89. Given the choice, I'd definetely rather be too hot than too cold. I like my showers almost scaldingly hot.
90. I love to ski. Everyone in my family has to or else my dad will get mad (a true Norwegian!)
91. I talk A LOT. People tell me this all the time. One of the best compliments I got from a friend was, "At first glance you look like such a sweet, quiet girl, but you really never shut up."
92. As much as my family travels, I've never been to Disney World
93. I also love very classic movies- I never get tired of watching "It's A Wonderful Life"!
94. I'm not very careful about where I'm going. I must trip at least once a day.
95. I want to have a very mixed-race family when I grow up. Ideally, I'd like one bio kid, one little girl from China, and of course, a little boy or girl from Ethiopia (no, my husband doesn't get a say in any of this.)
96. If I had to live on one food for a week, it would probably be pizza. Of course after that week I'd go on a diet ;-)
97. My favorite "childhood" movies (if you can call them that, given that I'm only 15) are "The Lion King" (which features Africa, my favorite!), "A Litte Princess", and "The Parent Trap" (the newer one)
98. My favorite season is summer
99. I watched the Oprah special about the academy for girls she opened in South Africa, and I was *almost* moved to tears. What she has done has been my dream. Given that I'm going to be a teacher and definetely spend some time teaching kids in Africa through the Peace Corps, I think that I should open a school for girls in Ethiopia someday, and maybe one in Kenya too (given I have the money, of course!!!!) Maybe I should call on Oprah for help????
100. I had a lot of fun doing this, and I could probably make the list go on for miles- but I don't want to bore you! ;-)


At 4:08 PM , Blogger 5KidMom said...

You have created a great list.....again. We have quite a bit in common.

By the way, as I sat there watching the Oprah Special with Grace in my lap, I WAS moved to tears. To think of her growing up in the conditions those girls have endured, was heart breaking. I am SOOO grateful for adoption. 8^)

At 1:11 AM , Blogger KelseyChristine said...

Wow, you make very interesting "100 things" lists!

I can't wait to hear more news about your little SISTER!

Hey, you didn't tape the Oprah show by any chance did you?? I missed it :(

At 4:32 PM , Blogger Susy Q said...

Hi Kelsey,

Yes, we actually did tape the Oprah special (we'll definetely be watching it over and over again!) The tape is actually with one of my teachers now- she wants to make a copy of it so she can show it to our class. When I get it back though, I'd be happy to lend it to you- you can send me your address at ohsusanna848 at hotmail dot com. You can also buy DVDs of the special from Oprah's website if you want your own copy.

I'd love to post more info about Amarech, but we're holding back because there are some details we really need to have before we accept our referral. Hopefully everything is fine and we can move forward soon!!

At 10:21 AM , Blogger Scarlett_333 said...

We have a lot of random things in common, which is *great* because NO ONE at my school my age is interested in Africa or doing charity work, etc. :)


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