internet marketing The Big Sis Diaries: February 2007

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Yes, that's right....we got the call today, and I'm big sis to a GIRL now!!!!!

I am beyond excited and I can't get over the shock that I have a SISTER!!!!

Her name is Amarech (pronounced A-ma-RET) and she's 13 mos old. Healthy, a bit small, but above all, sooooo cute!!!!!

I got the call from my mom in school today. I was running around like a wild woman, and let's just say I wasn't totally focused in French class ;-).

I will post much more, including pics, later. I'm just so excited!!!!

Oh, and we just noticed- our little girl's birthday (January 4th) is Carsten's half birthday! How perfect!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day!!

Who would have thought that our first snow day would come before our first real snow? I think that the complaints of a lack of snow (and therefore, lack of snow days) from the people in my town has convinced the administration to give us a pity day off. It's sleeting now, but a layer of snow is just barely coating the ground. It's a shame that we can't have the cliche snow day we read in books and see on TV of leaping into our snowsuits and jumping into snowdrifts over our heads, but I can't complain. I had a math quiz today and I could really use this day off to study- and of course, to post a much-needed update on this blog.

We, of course, have not received the much-anticipated Call. But luckily, things have seemed to pick up a bit for other people at our agency. According to the waiting list on the CHSFS forum, we're next in line for a boy OR girl 12-16 mos (but someone could have requested a girl 12-16 mos. who's not on the list.) It's confusing to explain, but the bottom line is, we really are close. I'm hesitant to give a projected time for when it will be, since I keep extending it...but I KNOW it has to be soon.

Next week is our winter break. Plenty of time to hear news, and plenty of time to give updates! When I have another chance, I will definetely keep you informed on the Peervention training I started, the Sweet Dreams Project that will soon be underway, and of course, our referral-- if we get any news!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I've lately been noticing "signs" that indicate we must be getting our referral soon.

For example, everytime I flip open my history textbook, I land on the single page in the whole book that mentions Ethiopia (it discusses its war with Italy.) Well, maybe not every time- but twice is signal enough for me.

While doing a science project last week, I went to google and typed in "Summit Mill Thread Factory" (I was researching possible contamination that may exist there.) The second hit out of thousands directed me to an Ethiopian website about a company based out of Addis Ababa. That can't be a coincidence...

Walking to math class a while back, I saw a flyer advertising a discussion on the Ethiopian prime minister at that week's Amnesty International Club. This was right before I learned a girl from my school was elected to go on an Operation Smile mission to Ethiopia and was there right then. Again, this has to mean something.

I've never been very superstitious, and this is no different. These are clear-cut signs. RIGHT????

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Funny/cute pic of the week

Need I say more?

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