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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day!!

Who would have thought that our first snow day would come before our first real snow? I think that the complaints of a lack of snow (and therefore, lack of snow days) from the people in my town has convinced the administration to give us a pity day off. It's sleeting now, but a layer of snow is just barely coating the ground. It's a shame that we can't have the cliche snow day we read in books and see on TV of leaping into our snowsuits and jumping into snowdrifts over our heads, but I can't complain. I had a math quiz today and I could really use this day off to study- and of course, to post a much-needed update on this blog.

We, of course, have not received the much-anticipated Call. But luckily, things have seemed to pick up a bit for other people at our agency. According to the waiting list on the CHSFS forum, we're next in line for a boy OR girl 12-16 mos (but someone could have requested a girl 12-16 mos. who's not on the list.) It's confusing to explain, but the bottom line is, we really are close. I'm hesitant to give a projected time for when it will be, since I keep extending it...but I KNOW it has to be soon.

Next week is our winter break. Plenty of time to hear news, and plenty of time to give updates! When I have another chance, I will definetely keep you informed on the Peervention training I started, the Sweet Dreams Project that will soon be underway, and of course, our referral-- if we get any news!!


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