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Thursday, March 29, 2007

My First Responsibility As Baby E's Big Sister

My mom felt a little guilty that she did some more baby clothes shopping while I was in school (she KNOWS how much I love picking out clothes...whenever I was in the Gap shopping for myself- and this was even before we decided to adopt- I'd make a stop in the baby section to ooh and aah at the little frilly pink dresses.) As she should be. So she promised, to make up for it, that I was allowed to pick a beach ensemble for her, with sunglasses, sandals, a beach hat, cover-up, and of course, a bathing suit.

I haven't gotten a chance to choose a set yet, but here are my top picks:


(Hanna Andersson)

(Baby Gap)


Sorry boys, but I have to admit: Shopping for girls is WAY more fun than shopping for boys! Proof? Just answer this question: Are you willing to wear pink or flowers or dresses? Didn't think so.


At 10:19 AM , Blogger D.K. said...

LOVE the one from Gymboree

At 1:18 PM , Anonymous dawn said...

do I get to vote? ;)

Orange, orange, orange!

Great new look on the blog.

At 7:53 PM , Blogger Amy said...

Hi, Susy Q... Cute site! Congratulations on becoming a big sis. Have you heard of the 12 year old girl in Colorado who's collecting pennies for orphans?
Thought you might like to check out her site.


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