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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Like My New Look?

I figured that a change in my blog design had to match my changing lifestyle. Sara over at did it- what do you think??

A commentor on my last post asked what "business" I keep referring to. I probably should be more specific! Here is a week in review to give you an idea on what I've been up to:
  • Wednesday, March 21st: After school and a band lesson, I went to the Indoor Track Banquet to close off the season. I was awarded "Most Devoted" which I thought was funny since I missed several practices due to other obligations; I guess the coach didn't notice????
  • Thursday, March 22nd: Received baby E's referral!!!! After taking a math quiz (which I did surprisingly well on) and being wrapped up in other high school distractions, I almost forgot that we were waiting to be matched to a different child (this happened frequently throughout the waiting for referral time period.) After band, I saw that I had one new voicemail from my mom, and I stood in the middle of the hall, listening to the message. After telling half the school, I called my mom back for details, thus being late for French- but I didn't care! After enduring my Peervention (which I wrote about here: training after school, very impatiently as I wanted to rush home to see pictures of my new baby sis, I did just that- and boy was she cute!!
  • Friday, March 23rd: I updated all of my friends and teachers at school on the newest member of our family. I then went home, where I received word that the Sweet Dreams Project Drive was going on very successfully at Kristian's elementary school (I plan to pick up and go through pajamas on Friday; I believe the drive ended today.) I also e-mailed the local paper to see if they were interested in doing a story on my project, and they said yes!! They should be getting back to me any day now.
  • Saturday, March 24th: Went to the mall with my family to pick out baby clothes. Always a fun project, especially for a girl who loves to put together her own outfits and wants her little sister to be the best-dressed baby around! I then went to a sleepover party, which was, needless to say, very fun and crazy. Is it no surprise that I got 4 1/2 hours of sleep, especially when many of the girls were pulling all-nighters??
  • Sunday, March 25th: After coming home from the party, drove with my mom to MA, where I still have my orthodontist appointments. I rested and had discussions over possible baby names on the way there.
  • Monday, March 26th: Since there was a teacher workshop through my town's school district today while my old town had school, I went, for a few hours, to the high school I would have gone to if I still lived there. It was funny to see strange looks from people who weren't my friends but were confused about why I was there! I then had my orthodontist appointment, and drove home, once again discussing names on the way back. Once home, I finished homework, including a history project on immigration in which I interviewed my dad about his immigration experience.
  • Tuesday, March 27th: Had a relatively normal day (aside from the abnormal, GORGEOUS 75 degree weather!) at school and then went to my math tutor. I then studied hard for the math test I had today!
  • Wednesday, March 28th: Had my math test (which was not too difficult!) After school, I came home to do homework and update my blog.

This week was a relatively normal one, busy-wise. But tons of upcoming events will be sure to keep my head spinning:

  • Several Peervention, Bon Ami, International Club, and OpSmile meetings
  • Piles of homework/essays/tests that I know will be soon coming my way, as the marking period ends next week
  • Picking up and going through all pajamas on Friday
  • Cleaning/organizing EVERYTHING in my room- since I might not have so much time to do that soon!
  • Begin taping video documenting my family's journey to prepare for and adopt baby E, which I will use for the awareness portion of The Sweet Dreams project next year
  • Begin journal documenting the same thing, which I will use for myself to look back on and to maybe- hopefully- publish someday
  • Pack and prepare for my family's skiing trip over Easter
  • Help my mom get the house ready when friends visit over spring break in April
  • Babyproof the house
  • Buy more clothes and toys
  • Pick a name!
  • And tons more baby-preparing tasks that we haven't even begun yet (I feel tired just looking at the nursery and seeing nothing but laundry...we need to get a move on!)
  • Update this blog on everything that's happening!

So hopefully, that will give you an idea of what's keeping me occupied. But don't worry- more info on the goings-on will keep coming, since now I have MUCH to write about!


At 7:51 PM , Blogger Journey to Mia said...

wow - you are pretty busy for a 15 year old! That is great you are involved in so many interesting things.
Can't wait until you can share pics of the princess!
Glad you like your new blog!!!

At 9:15 PM , Blogger KelseyChristine said...

Omgosh your page is sooo cute!! I love it.


I emailed you about the Oprah video, but I'm not sure if it sent correctly...??

At 1:51 AM , Blogger Mark and Sarah said...

Haha, LOL. I thought you were referring to an actual "business" when you referred to your business (aka. busyness) with words!

Thanks for your recommendation for blinging your blog...she's working on mine now :-) Can't wait for a non-template.


p.s. I love the orange swimsuit from Gymboree! Too cute!


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