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Friday, March 02, 2007

I can't resist...

It's killing me that I have no more news to report on our referral (apparently the internet AND phone systems are down in Ethiopia...grrr.) Therefore, I've decided to give an update on what ELSE is going on in our household.

A nasty cold has been circulating through my it's my turn to have it. Combine that with an equally hideous fall down the stairs yesterday (from the top) leaving me as bruised as a banana, and it's not too hard to see that I'm not feeling my best. However, I- and the rest of my family- are otherwise doing well.

Last week was our February break from school. We took a nice, three-day trip to Massachusetts to visit old friends, and overall it was very relaxing. About half the kids at my school came back tanned, and although I was admittedly jealous, I was also reminded that my family does have a very big trip coming up. I'm sooo excited already, but I thought that to fuel this excitement, I would love to read about other people's trips to Ethiopia. So, I now pose the question: if you went to Ethiopia at some point to pick up an adopted child (or otherwise) what was your most memorable experience? I can't wait to hear responses!!!!

*Question for BlogSpot bloggers (if you don't mind): Could anyone please tell me where I can design my own (preferably free) template for this blog? Thanks in advance!*


At 11:32 PM , Blogger NoSurfGirl said...

um, as far as where you can GO to design, it's in "template," but you need a computer geek to help you. ;)

Find yourself a cute computer geek. Two birds with one stone.

I am also suffering from a cold. We're starting our homestudy this next tuesday. I'm verrrry nervous and very excited. Jealous of you, that you're further along!! ALl this headache behind you!

At 1:51 AM , Anonymous Sarah and Mark said...

I've had the opportunity to go to Ethiopia twice, and by far the most memorable thing to me has been the children. The first time I went, I spent some time with children who were living on the streets of Addis, and ate with them at a feeding center. They were amazing kids and I felt so much for them, knowing that they had the most difficult burden, to care for themselves with no resources. I was also very surprised, when I went out to the rural areas, by the fir trees and green rolling hills(at least in the rainy season)--I had imagined Ethiopia the way it was seared into my brain during the horrible 1985 famine, and was blown away by its beauty instead.

I hope you figure out how to get the template customized...I will be checking back because I'd like a new template too (I'm using this same design).

At 6:07 PM , Anonymous leisa said...

Hi Susy
Go here and have a look, she should be able to help and it's free.
Best wishes to your family.

At 1:56 PM , Blogger DeAnna said...

Ok - this may be totally confusing, or it could help. For doing your template, the easiest way is choose a set up you like and then go onto your blogger home page, dashboard, whatever they call it and click on template. Then read through all the gibberish -- where it mentions things like background image for the header -- change it to yours (its easiest to have a photobucket account for this and you can just copy and paste the link it gives you.) You might have to resize where it mentions that too so you're picture isn't stretched out. I create a whole new banner in Adobe Photoshop and then save that as the picture. Then it will have alot of places to change colors, background colors, text colors, etc. You can find the numbers for colors in blogger (go to help and type in Color Match 5K, that's what they call it) Then just keep hitting preview and making sure you are changing the right "stuff" I can't always tell which text they are referring to, so I just keep checking. I do this and change my template every few months. I just changed mine finally from Christmas -- not as cute as my Christmas one, but on hold until I get a better picture. If you want to be extremely creative and set one up from scratch you'll have to be a computer geek to do that, because I have no idea. :) Hope this helps!

At 11:10 AM , Blogger Susy Q said...

Thanks for the suggestions!! I'll try them all and hopefully I'll have a new and improved template very soon!


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