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Thursday, November 30, 2006

We've Hit the One-Month Mark!

That's right- as of today, we've been officially waiting for a month for the referral of LG. However, given that the amount of referrals received by families through our agency has been quite sparse lately, I doubt that we'll get ours before Christmas after all.

Contrary to what many adoptees feel when waiting, though, the time has gone by extremely quickly for me. Maybe it's different for a teenager with a million other things on her mind (I started track this week, leaving me sore and tired as I do my homework/studying before collapsing into bed- early.) It all will be different when we get the referral, of course- when I see pictures of the sweet children already home from Ethiopia on blogs and the forum I belong to, especially ones that could look a lot like our LG, I'm overcome with excitement. Aside from babysitting the 16-month-old-girl down the street, I haven't been around babies for a while (though I'm constantly around little kids!) I know it will be a whole new experience. I should probably be using time to do everything I need/want to do sans baby, since that will change quite soon (instead of blogging...)


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