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Friday, November 17, 2006

We have a room theme!

Since we don't have a specific idea on when exactly we'll get a referral (our SW honestly couldn't predict either way if we were going to get it before Christmas) we have been trying to get things ready around the house first, so that we can focus more on LG later. But we just can't resist...

Yesterday my mom, with help from my brothers, picked out four really cute books for the baby- two of which were stories from Africa and one featured African-American-looking children. Today, my mom came up with an adorable theme for his room!

Does anyone remember those Ezra Jack Keats books (A Whistle for Willy, The Snowy Day)? My mom went to and ordered some framed illustrations from the books, the colors in them matching the colors the walls will be. Not only are those books family favorites, but they feature an African-American boy, making this theme, we think, perfect!

I'm so excited to get his room ready, buy him clothes, and travel...but it thrills me even more when I remind myself that LG will be OURS- he'll be my baby brother forever!


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