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Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Update

With midterms and a stress-filled week finally over (a four day week of half days has never felt so long!) and no homework or studying to focus on at the moment, I'm now allowing myself to enjoy my life. I'm glad too- my mom, antsy this week since we're so close to referral and there being no news on the adoption boards, kept saying, "Maybe we'll hear something today!" but I didn't want to discuss or think about our adoption in case it may steer me away from my studying. Now, though, I can relax and feel excited. And it's just now starting to dawn on my: I'll be a sister of three- SOON!!!!

It's really any day now, but the fact that no one from our agency has received a referral in the past month is making us a little nervous. I guess it figures that the referral-getting enters a vacuum when we're pretty much next on the list. But the fact that there were so many infant referrals before our stretch of nothing could mean that we could in fact get a little- and I mean little, as in infant, guy. Also, a lot more people are open to gender now, giving us also a stronger possibility that we may get a girl. We'll have to see, but the image in my mind of my younger sibling changes from day to day!

In other miscellaneous news:

1) The Touched by Adoption director got back to me. She congratulated my family on our adoption and said that I would be, in her opinion, a very welcome member to the group; however, she said that since the program is run by high school adoptees it would be up to them to make the final decision. She said she would talk to the group when they have their meeting on the 28th.

2) I got elected to join my school's Peervention Club. The purpose of the club is to help students feel comfortable in school (talking to them one-on-one about problems and/or stress, helping out new students, leading school assemblies talking about safety, organizing and hosting fundraisers.) First, though, I have to go through Peervention training, in which I learn about the different problems kids may face and how to address them, etc; it's for two hours a week for ten weeks. After I "graduate" from training, I'm an official Peervention member (this will be next year) and we'll have meetings once a month. I think this sounds like a great program and I'm excited to have the oppurtunity to do it. This now means I'm involved in four school clubs, each about helping others. This will be great practice for teaching (my childhood dream job) and for the Peace Corps, which I plan to do after college.

3) None of the schools have gotten back to me about me holding pajama donations drives. I'm starting to get frustrated!! (People who know me know that I get very anxious when I don't have a definite plan about everything :-)) I plan to go visit one or more of the schools next week so I can talk to them in person.

4) We had our first snow yesterday!!!! I didn't think it was possible after the temperature reached 70 earlier this month. There isn't nearly enough for sledding, but it's a relief that global warming hasn't TOTALLY ruined our winter.

5) Sorry about the very long post. I guess I'm making up for lost time- I remember when I started my blog and I kept thinking, is it too much to do more than three posts a day? That was before school started...


At 3:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you're back. 8^)

How exciting to know you are on the verge of having a new sibling! Of course, the balance between excitement ans stress can be tough. It's probably good that you've been so busy.

Peervention sounds great. I was involved in Peer Couselors/Leaders when I was in High School. It was a great experience. I find myself referring to a lot of the things I learned, and people I met, pretty often when talking to my kids. It's a good program.

Congrats on finally reaching WINTER. It snowed here in So Cal before it snowed where you live. Crazy!!

At 1:07 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a bummer! I just left you a rather lengthy comment and totally lost it by trying to preview it. Anyway, what I wanted to say (now in briefer form) is congrats, you're so close, I can't wait to see your exciting news posted on the forum soon. Also, how might I send some PJs for your drive? You can PM me on the forum (parents2b).

Thanks, Susy!


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