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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Baby's Day Out

We have some family friends of ours visiting for the long weekend, so today we went to Essex, CT, for a train ride and river cruise. As they say, pictures tell 1,000 words, so I'll let the next few photos I took (with my new camera!) of the day to do the rest of the talking ;-)
"Even if what the two boys behind me are plotting has anything to do with stealing and selling my dolls, I couldn't care less. This toy train is WAY too attention-absorbing."
"Oh, no. I would never think of trying to steal this pull-along train!" *bats eyelashes*

"Okay, WHAT did my brother just put me on against my will? Since it IS kind of fun, I'll let you get away with it- this time."

Yelling "Hi!" to the traintracks (she's very generous when it comes to greeting inanimate objects. She finds it necessary to say "Bye-bye!"to the dishwasher and washing machine before we leave the house.)

I call this the "paparazzi-catching-a-starlet-as-she's-walking-down-the-street" picture. Doesn't it look exactly like a photo of Nicole Richie emerging from a coffee shop?? (Save for the fact that Sasha was born in Ethiopia, 25 years younger, and is a good 2.5 feet shorter than Nicole Richie. And, of course, a little bit chubbier, too.)

Yeah, so much for Ethiopians not liking ice cream (she stole my mom's.)

At 19 months, she has her bored teenager expression down cold.

"Okay, I KNOW I didn't just hear you say that we have to get off the train soon. "

Ah, the fascination of it all...

"Okay, I can understand you playing peek-a-boo with me, or even making funny faces at me to make me laugh. But that weird dance you're doing to get my attention crosses the line. That's just plain bizarre."

"Oh, you don't think I know what you're saying when my ears are covered, do you? I think I heard the words 'toy train' and 'Sasha's birthday' in the same sentence." (No, we were really just playing peekaboo ;-))

The view of the Connecticut River from the train and the boat. Isn't it beautiful?

"Why hasn't anyone told me about boat rides before?! Under other circumstances, I'd be mad at you for that, but I'm too busy enjoying myself."

"If you'll let me wear your sunglasses, we'll be even."

The face behind the lens. I think readers of this blog forget what I look like since I almost never have pictures of myself on here. I managed to snap a few of myself on the boat...since I have "non-photogenia" disease, I don't often come across ones that I like of myself, but I guess these aren't TOO bad.

Needless to say, it was a great day!


At 10:28 PM , Blogger Scarlett_333 said...

What a cutie. I love the captions- they make it so fun to read!!

At 12:33 AM , Blogger 5KidMom said...

Great pics!! I love that you are taking the time to document Sasha's first months with your family. I especially like the second picture of you. 8^)

At 10:20 AM , Blogger Holly said...

Wonderful pictures. I love the picture of Sasha eating ice cream!

At 6:46 PM , Blogger KelseyChristine said...

haha I love your captions! And Sasha is looking as adorable as ever... :)

At 9:00 PM , Blogger Erin said...

aww those are so cute.... looks like she had tons of fun! :D and ayana and moses loove icecream too! lol... they hated it at first, but now they can't get enough.

At 11:25 PM , Blogger Ellie said...

I love ALL the pictures! It is funny because it really looks like that is what she should be saying!! :)

At 8:57 PM , Blogger Lauren said...

Sasha is too cute!

At 10:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved the shot of Sasha (22.51). The one where she is leaning on your mom's lap and resting her chin on her hand while gazing out of the window. Very good photojournalist style and one you should frame. Perfect blend of lighting and emotion, you really caught the moment. Excellent work!!



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