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Friday, July 27, 2007

One Month Ago Today...

Sasha Eraye became officially ours. She has fully blossomed since then into our special little princess. She's a beauty, so charming (attracting and sustaining the attention of everyone everywhere!) and extremely hilarious. There are way too many stories to recount here- it seems like every five minutes she surprises us in some way. She mimics absolutely EVERYTHING- and I truly mean that; she's so observant that she picks up on things that we normally would never expect her to notice. Yesterday, the boys were pretending that someone was chasing them, or some weird little game like that, and they were running in slow motion, falling, and covering their mouths in shock. Sasha immediately copied them, and when my mom was telling my dad this later, she picked up on what my mom was telling him, got out of her seat, pulled everyone in the family out of their chairs, re-enacted the little skit she and the boys were doing before, and was adamant that everyone do exactly the same. If any of us sat down for a second, she would march herself over and try with all her might to hoist them back up, dragging them back to the middle of the floor with her little hand. It was one of those "you had to be there" situations, but it was so funny the way she right away picked up on the game without anyone showing her how or even paying attention to her at that moment. She's just so amazing. A woman at the diner we went to this morning said, "Oh, you're all so lucky to have her." Couldn't have said it better myself!


At 10:07 PM , Blogger Scarlett_333 said...

What a cutie she is- she sounds so funny!

At 10:48 PM , Blogger Sarah Lu's Jie Jie said...

Awww! She is SOOOO CUTE!!! She sounds so much like Sarah Lu!! I bet they'd get along and be great little friends!! And what is this I see in your profile "(and hopefully more to come?" WOW! That would be amazing!!!
I just LOVE seeing pictures of GORGEOUS Miss Sasha Eraye!! :)

At 11:13 PM , Blogger Ellie said...

That is so funny how she
re-enacted the little skit! My little brothers are like that, You don't expect them to notice the little things but they sure do! Sometimes we will be doing something and they will be real quiet, then when we get home they will tell My Dad or my other brother EVERY SINGLE detail about what we did. They are like little sponges! Sasha is GEORGIOUS!

At 11:33 PM , Anonymous Lauren said...

WoW!It doesnt seem like quite the long! She is sooo precious!

At 12:34 PM , Blogger Holly said...

She is so precious! It really doesn't seem like I have been coming to your blog for a whole month now seeing updates and pictures of sweet Sasha!


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