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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Okay, now we're REALLY waiting

I just wanted to clear up a little confusion some of you may have regarding our adoption. I said back in July, when I first started my blog, that our referral had been accepted and that we were waiting for an infant through Wide Horizons. Well, after we noticed the steeply increasing wait times that were starting to become a trend, we contemplated switching agencies (we found nothing wrong with Wide Horizons as an agency- we just felt that having not even a remotely vague idea of when we were getting a referral wouldn't really work for our family.) After calling the agency and discovering that we shouldn't be expecting a referral for at least another YEAR our decision was solidified and, after filling out the appropriate paperwork, we are now waiting for a baby of either gender 0-16 months old through Children's Home Society and Family Services (dossier was approved on Halloween!)

Switching agencies, in combination with expanding our requested age range, will significantly close the gap between dossier submission and referral acceptance. Instead of the 12 months+, we should get our referral in approximately three or four months. A family on the CHSFS announced recently that they got the referral of a 14 month old boy after waiting just two weeks- but I won't get my hopes up, since I know this is unusual. Realistically speaking, though, we should expect to be bringing LG home in the late winter or early spring (though I can't help having the fantasy that we'll get the call sooner than we expect!)


At 6:30 PM , Blogger 5KidMom said...

Congratulations on getting to this point. I look forward to referral news!!

At 12:26 AM , Blogger Thankfulmom said...

Decisions about agencies are tough. You asked what agencies we are using. We are adopting our little girl through AAI and our two little boys through CWA. It's an odd combination, but it was what we needed to do. CWA generally has short referral waits, but with the court closure, everything slowed down. Our friends were one of the early families adopting through the Ethiopia program and got their referral in 24 hours. Our dossier has been in Ethiopia since Sept. 6 and we expect our referral any day. Our child through AAI was a waiting child, so there was no wait.
I hope that answers your question!

At 4:49 PM , Blogger Jill said...

I hope the wait is short for you! Waiting is SOOOO hard! - Jill


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