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Friday, July 28, 2006


We just arrived home from five fabulous days in Massachusetts. The weather couldn't have been better, and everyone had such a fun time. I divided my time between seeing my old friends and playing with our former neighbors' baby, James. At eleven months old he is so smart, not to mention adorable. Although I'm hoping for a four-or-five-month old girl (or younger), I would no doubt take James any day, and both of my brothers agree. As for the car ride, it couldn't be easier in our new car. With the new DVD player built into the car (complete with wireless headphones) we didn't hear a peep out of the boys, though it could also be that everyone was so exhausted from the trip. I, for one, don't remember spending so much time laughing and being crazy. I should take it while I can get it- I have the feeling that sometime in the not-so-near-future, I will be spending my time otherwise. But if I can learn anything from baby James, it's that having a baby is hard work, but also a lot of fun.


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