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Friday, January 18, 2008

More from Sasha World

Bowling (Norway)

Playing a game she made up called "Put your head in the sink" (also Norway)

Just a cute little side note: Sasha made up a new song about me today. It goes like this: "Su-nana, Su-nana, Su-nana, Su-nana" (repeat until you get tired of it.) Be sure, also, to sing it in a very soft, high-pitched voice, with a bright smile on your face :-)


At 6:37 PM , Blogger Scarlett_333 said...

Oh my gosh- she is the cutest thing!


At 5:55 PM , Blogger Holly said...

Awww that video of her putting her head in the water is so adorable! She has the sweetest little laugh.

At 10:58 PM , Blogger strivin' said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 9:38 PM , Blogger Scarlett_333 said...

Ooo I vote for a second adoption!! Haha, like my vote really counts, but that would be so exciting!


At 3:59 PM , Blogger Marissa said...

Aw, Sasha never fails to be adorable!


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